Mock-up inspections

Good day all! Working on becoming a certified inspector in the state of Alabama is coming to fruition. I have gained a lot of knowledge throughout the process and look forward to what the future holds. Currently on the Mock Up inspection portion.
I had completed a Mock up inspection on my home so that’s 1 of 4.
would like some ideas on completing the other three. My Family and I just recently moved to Alabama so these mock ups has giving me a challenge on how to complete as friends and family are in a different state.
Any suggestions would be greatly apricated!
Thank you in advance!

Sounds like a good time to make new friends.


Knock on your neighbor’s door…


You can do your house for all 4. I’m not sure anyone actually reads the reports. I did 4 on my house, just different photos and tweeks to the narratives.

Does that accomplish the intended goal? Something to consider.


Thank you guys ! I appreciate your input ! hope everyone has a great day!

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