New CPI seeking Alabama licensing

Good afternoon,
I’m a new CPI trying to get Alabama Licensed. I am wondering about the 35 inspections required by the state. Do I need to find someone to take me along with the to these 35 inspection? Is anyone here working in Alabama? I would greatly appreciate your assistance.
Scott Burke

you could contact some CMIs within 40 or 50 miles of you and see if they will help you.
Some inspectors feel as though they are training their competition if you are close together.

Here is the link:

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Thanks for the response!
That’s the general idea I was getting would be to reach out a few miles outside of the county.

Scott I’m in North Alabama, you can contact me if you would like.
Ken Phillips
CDP Home Inspections

Thanks for getting back to me, Ken.

I’d like to hear your take on it and ideas to get this whole thing going. I’m down south in Baldwin county (Daphne). Where you located?
Scott Burke

I’m located in North Alabama. Huntsville, Madison area.

How was your experience getting licensed? You have any recommendations?

Scott, shoot me a email.

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