Moisture Intrusion: Please proof this new inspection article.

A few points for design;


∙ Keeping water and precipitation out
∙ Managing plumbing leaks
∙ Avoiding condensation inside the building and its envelope
∙ Controlling entry of humid outside air
∙ Controlling indoor sources of humidity
∙ Designing assemblies to dry out
∙ Providing mechanical ventilation and dehumidification

Air barriers play an important role in moisture control. “We didn’t have moisture control problems until we insulated our buildings and then, to make matters worse, began using materials that were subject to moisture damage, corrosion, mold, and mildew, such as OSB, steel studs and gypsum sheathing.:):smiley:

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Teaching a State Licensed CE course on the subject, tomorrow night, at our Chaper meeting.

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