water/moisture intrusion at new windows


The windows are set in poured conrete cells, same thickness as block. The moisture is evident on the tracks as well as around the center of the window where the locks are. Heavy moisture is detected in the walls. Thanks for the help.

Can’t access the pictures. I wonder whether the problem has anything to do with the windows at all, if there is heavy moisture in the wall. Would need to know in detail how the wall is constructed, and what climate you are in.

The walls are brand new, we just finished the new drywall a few months ago. The structure surrounding the windows are poured 8 inch cells. I live in S. Florida and my AC is on all the time. I do think it is a moisture problem, but why? Thanks for your help.

There is alot of moisture in a newly constructed house!

All the wood products,paint,joint compound,and in the concrete walls themselves.

Do you have a dehumidifier? Besides the AC?

Whats on the exterior for cladding?

Do the windows have a backer rod and sealant joint?

How are the windows flashed?

More importantly, is there a vapor retarder in the wall, and where in the wall is it located? And is it properly installed, meaning taped joints and careful sealing around any penetrations?