Mold and radon inspections

Inspector pro or pro lab? I need to pick one for my mold inspections anyone have any preferences?

Been with Pro-Lab for over 10 years :cowboy_hat_face:

Welcome back to our forum, Randy!..enjoy participating. :smile:

I use Pro-Lab. No complaints.

For mold, you can also check out Hayes and EMSL if you want more options.

I just signed up with Pro-Lab this week. I made the decision solely based on the company’s products are being sold on INSPECTOR OUTLET. You get a little price break.

Good morning! I see that you have been with Pro-Lab for some time. I was wondering what you charge for an air quality/mold test. I spoke with the Pro-Lab rep yesterday to set up my account. He mentions that inspectors typically charge from $100 to $125 for mold sampling. But he did go into detail of what type of testing that involved. I wasn’t prepared at the moment to ask him any questions, I just called to set up the account. I know that there is a lot of options for testing and doing a complete inspection. Thanks for any assistance you can give.

What state are you located in?
Some allow mold sampling with no license, some do not.

I’m in West Virginia. I’ll check to if I need a license. I got my IAC2 certification.

Just out of curiosity, what is the total cost to perform a typical 3-cassette air sample mold spore test with Pro-labs?
Total cost would include;

  1. Cost of 3 cassettes.
  2. Cost of overnight shipping.
  3. Cost of analysis with 24 hr. turnaround.

I am curious just so I can compare it to my current supplier.

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The spore traps are included with pre-paid lab analysis.
I pay $22.50 per test with same day service.
I’m local so the UPS fee including a shipping envelope is $11.00


I saw the 22.50 on Inspector outlet. I assume that is for 1 spore trap then?

So for a typical 3-trap test;
3 X 22.50 = 67.50
Plus $11 shipping = 78.50 total for 3 traps (probably add at least $5.00 to that for shipping from my location).

Just wanted to make sure I was understanding Pro-Labs pricing for doing the comparison to my current supplier. Thanks Marc!


Thanks Marc for the information on UPS shipping. I’m still working on getting everything up and running with my home inspection business and this is very helpful with pricing services.

Doesn’t matter, could be a sterile swab, spore trap, tape lift.


Here’s one that just came back yesterday.
It was a “wall check”. The owner had a mold issue at the wood framed window build-out. He said his handyman took care of it.

OMG the call cavity was HOT. I had them doulbe check it - same result.
My buyer is mold crazed so it may kill the deal.

Mold Analysis 2-17-22.pdf (579.0 KB)

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Thank you sir…:wink::wink:

Ryan you go through someone locally? Curious if shipping time would be faster for me to go to MN rather than Florida?

I use Hayes Microbial. They sent me a stack of FedEx priority overnight labels to use on FedEx envelopes. When I use a label, they charge me $18 (on top of the lab fee). I’m in MN and they are in VA and every one I’ve sent them so far has made it overnight. They usually have the results to me the same day they receive my samples, but they have 24hrs to turn it around if necessary.


Thank you, you’ve been a lot of help lately. I really appreciate it!

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