This is the best deal on mold testing and lab analysis.

Thank you.

Very interesting for sure Nick. Some very aggressive pricing for sure. I am currently doing a fairly large amount of samples per week. May have to get out the calculator and a sharp pencil…hummmm


Jim, I’m going to take my 40 hour Mold Assessment Consultant course next week so I can get my mold license down here in TX. I haven’t purchased any equipment yet as I’m sure we will cover what I will need in the class. I saw in a previous post of yours that you use ESML a good bit. What’s your experience with ESML vs ProLab? I emailed ESML and they said their fees were about $35/sample (closer to $40 after I buy the samples that I need), where as ProLab said they charge between $22 and $25, but you have to basically prepay for your samples. That aspect doesn’t exactly thrill me. Overnight shipping for me is pretty much the same( within $5) from Corpus Christi to Houston for ESML or to Florida for ProLab.

I pay upfront for the spore traps/tests. Have been doing so for around seven years.
Not high finance to have a “credit” on lab analyses ready to go! :smiley:
Same day service is great.

It’s the overnight shipping that causes me to choose EMSL. They have a lab about a mile away, so I just drop off my Air-O-Cells on the way in.