mold and radon testing

I am not sure about some things. When I do a home inspection, what should I tell the client about mold and radon gas? Should I do a test kit, or what do I tell them? I know that some inspectors have an electronic radon detector, which takes maybe a day or 2 to get the results. would I leave the machine there and come back and get it later, or should I just tell them that I have not tested for radon or mold at all? I know that you can get a mold test kit at Home Depot, and send off the samples, but it takes some time to do this.


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You have been an inspector/member since 2007?

I would recommend taking a radon and mold course. InterNACHI has both available.

If you are not qualified to do either then don’t do either service.

If you don’t do the service just have a disclaimer in your report that says you didn’t do the services. Easy as that.

IMO, Nick needs to step in here. A member who only has 4 posts in over 8 years and is clueless to what mold and radon testing involves, should not be a member of this or any association or be a home inspector.

I have been a member of Nachi since 2007, but have not been inspecting. I was a remodeling contractor for 35 years, but there is a lot that I don’t know. I would like the advice of you seasoned inspectors, so that I know what I should tell the clients. I basically know that you need to be certified as a mold or radon inspector, but did not know what to tell the clients if you are not certified.

by the way, I know what is involved in mold and radon testing, but have not certified in either one. I have had homes tested by qualified contractors, but just need to learn more before I start inspecting again. Thanks for your considerate response

You did not need to respond here. David Hays answered your questions.

Thank you for the update.

You will also want to find out if your state/city… requires special licensing for these services. Also your insurance carrier will need to be notified if you start doing them.

There is plenty of information from InterNACHI regarding this. Be sure to use the search feature of the forum. Most questions have been asked multiple times by others.

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