mold class iac2

I was under the impression I could takr the mold cert for free if I joined internachi but I was not able to take the 2nd part with out paying $199. I’m I doing something wrong? It said I could get a membership to iac and internachi for only &199. I had to pay $289. for my membership but can’t get a membership to iac untill I take the course.


You’re not being deceived.

Email Nick at and he’ll take care of you.

Thank you so much for your help
Jan w. williams

You can take this one for free as well.

I believe you are confusing two different mold courses. This one is free to members…

The other for $199 is the advanced mold video course from Nachi.TV.

Or… this free Radon course will also allow you to join IAC2…


will this one give me certification by and membership to IAC as advertized under interNACHI benefits?

Yes… see here…

They allow the Radon course, as many inspectors choose not to perform Mold surveys/testing.

So if you want the mold portion for IAC2 we have to pay $189?

$199 yes…