IAC2 Membership

I just completed the InterNachi online Mold Inspection course and also completed the Initial Mold Inspection 8 hour classroom course sponsored by ESA & Pro Lab. Does the successful completion of these courses qualify for IAC2 membership?

Yes… and membership is free. www.iac2.org


According to the IAC2 membership application, completion of the NACHI TV mold course is required. As previously stated, I completed the new online course.

I asked Nick the same question yesterday. He said we’re good to go.

The !AC2 application form has a drop down menu that does not include the new online mold course.


Select the NACHI TV course, i’m pretty sure they’ll verify which course you’ve taken at some point. If in doubt…email Nick. I asked him the exact same question. His reply: “It counts”.

Question? Everyone who has added IAC2 mold inspections to there services has it been a plus for you. Are you finding it profitable? Do you get alot of calls for it.

Yes $$


You know what they say, “Mold is Gold”. I offer this service having been certified by 4 different agencies. I do this because there is a high demand in my area but if you ask me, it’s not a huge issue.