Mold Found In Attic. Is encapsulation ok?

Mold was found in a Client’s attic. The Client’s contractor would like to use ForSite to treat the mold rather than dry ice or soda blasting. Do mold treatments work?

Adam unless you are trained in remediation I would not delve into suggesting anything that is not recommended by the hired company.
You did your job by reporting the conditions.

Why would you wish to take liability for treatment results?

After just looking at your site I am wondering if you are a Home Inspector?

a simple Google search for Chemical…
returns “site under construction”

I would be skeptical and advise further review and estimations be obtained based upon that alone…

Companies that I recommend use Modec MDF-500

Why ask here since Your company is certified at mold remediation?


Soda or ice blasting is just an aggressive means to remove mold. The IICRC S520 Second Edition will still need to be followed before, during and after the blasting process.

Christopher what a good catch . Makes me wonder why too .

Is some one trying to make NACHI Inspectors look bad???

Thanks Roy

Sorry for my delayed response. My intention was not to make InterNachi members look bad; however, it was to utilize the knowledge base that this forum provides.

Our firm does provide remedial services; however, in our multiple years of remedial work we have only used encapsulation on 3-5 projects. We do not condone nor reccomend encapsulation nor do we market it as an alternative service.

My query was to determine if anyone and or their clients had any experience with encapsulation in attic type remedial projects.

In response to other repsonses on this site we do not market home inspection services; however, I am trained in deficiency identification and rectification and have personally managed aproximatly 75 million dollars (GeoFocus2000.Com) worth of construction of the course of my career.

I took the internachi exam and joined internachi to utilize it as a tool not to discredit its users.

I suppose the same thing can be said about our CMI program, pure marketing genius. :mrgreen:

I always find it amusing when those who portray themselves as something they are not are exposed. They just as well run for political office…same thing…but I digress.

As to fungal growth, any corrective action taken without addressing the true problem, moisture & ventilation, is not corrective action at all.

There are many methods to remove fungi, many times it comes down to convenience and cost…just saying.




It is amazing the responses that continue to grow from my original post.

To reply to the last post I do not have any InterNACHI certifications but do agree their programs are marketing genius. I am an ACAC: Council-certified Microbial Investigator (CMI). ACAC certification programs are accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB), a nationally recognized third party accreditation body serving science-related professions.

My post in this forum was to utilize this forum as knowledge base. I believe that as an organization dedicated to home inspection inspectors may run into encapsulation probably more than our firm does as we do not condone, recommend or approve the use of encapsulants.

My original post was made based on a project where our firm was retained to provide litigation support. The “other-side” retained a contractor who recommended the use of an encapsulant and encapsulant alone.

I was simply utilizing this as a venue to generate information and discussion from inspectors not to discredit internachi users.

The answer to your original question is: ForSite will not be effective enough by itself if the wood is not properly cleaned some how first. Just painting over the mold is not acceptable.