Mold remediation

Long and short: client buying a house that was a foreclosure, current owner did many repairs, but there is extensive “obvious possible organic growth” on most of the floor joists and insulation in basement. Result of current owner verification of power being cut and sump not working.

I would like to extend the courtesy to my client on what to expect and the possible mitigation process. All mitigation companies are different and told them to also have air samples AFTER mitigation from a SEPARATE company.

Any help would be appreciated.

Abrasive Blasting for Mold Remediation


Mark, a post remediation verification testing “PRV” or better known as “Clearance” be done once everything is removed and wiped clean. When the testing results come back good they can then close it up. A mold remediation company cannot do their own clearance. I kept it short and hope I was able to help.