Mold Inspection Reports

I was wondering if there anyone that would be so kind and offer me there mold inspection reports. So i can take a look at and get a better understanding of how to comment on findings. im out of kansas city. thanks email me a

Hi Steven

go to the prolab site,upper left corner click onform liabray. they have sample reports.

Steven - The best advice I can give is to LEARN. Giving advise without knowing the subject matter in depth can cause more problems than it solves, especially with mold. The answer “I don’t know” is still a valid and acceptable answer. Pretending you do know and making mistakes is what makes Lawyers very happy and very rich…need help PM me…I will help with whatever you need.

Sometime if you would like to go around on some mold inspections with me in central Missouri just let me know, Steve. Call me anytime at 573-761-3581.

HG has a few template samples that may provide you with some info/ ideas that you can use. Scroll about half way down