Mold test equipment for sale

I am relocating to another state and changing jobs so will no longer need this equipment.

This is professional air sampling kit used by inspectors throughout the US to conduct Mold and indoor air quality testing.

The following is included -
Environmental Monitoring Systems Model 6025SE-V air pump with air flow control. - Flex tubing - tripod - Padded case - (100) 4" x 4" bags - (5) inner wall extensions for micro5 - (6) Micro5 air sample canisters for air tests - (13) transport swabs for direct samples - (11) pre paid lab fees for Mold through Pro-Labs - (12) Chain of Custody forms - (10) agreements for further sampling.

Additionally I’m including all material from the home study course I used to receive my Mold Certification. This includes two study books and two VHS tapes with several hours of classroom recordings.

This is everything you need to get started in conducting Mold/Air sampling. The included lab fees are $25 each. The pump and supplies would total over $600 if purchased new. That is over $800 in supplies PLUS the training material.

Asking $350 which includes shipping in the US. Contact me at ROB@RZINSPECTIONS.COM

Presenty located in Central FL but relocating to Dallas TX in the next week. If you wish to pick up that can be scheduled and I’ll drop $25 off the price.

Where did you purchase the pump ? Or is this one of Pro lab starter kits?

Sold :slight_smile: