I attended a mold course by Pro-Lab in July of 2006, and purchased the special at the time, a megalite pump with a tri-pod, tubing swabs, micro 5’s (dated good til 10 / 07, so outdated very soon) and a plastic padded carrying case. The special price was $449.00.

I have used it once at home and once on a job. It works very well, but I wll not be doing mold inspections any longer. I am asking $350 or best offer. Please e-mail me at

Ted Glover

I am curious, why are you no longer doing mold insepctions? I have see quite a few people drop this from their business.

I have offered mine here several times and no takers, good luck, if you have more than one interested party have them call me


Looks like a lot of us in Florida are out of the mold bus. Have you read the new regs that will take place in less that three years?

I a working on a project to find a use for the pumps

Any ideas?


My experience has been that some of the hysteria regarding mold has died down considerably in the past year or so. People are finally doing some of their own research and finding out Mold is not the viscious lurking killer the media has made it out to be and that it has been here all along and yet millions haven’t dropped dead in the streets from exposure. That and people are cheap and do not want to pay what some are charging for mold samples.

Not all the way true Richard. It will change. It was written wrong. No one will pay $1000.00 or more for the testing and inspection. The mold labs would go out of business

I’m looking to buy a pump, just not sure that model is the one I want. Send me some pictures showing how it looks.


While good the education and insurance requirments will raze the cost too high to stay in bus

Yes it is written wrong so what now?

As I see it the person that is hurt is the home owner with a mold problem


Richard don’t you know that is exactly what they want. They don’t want home inspectors performing mold inspections or testing anymore. Just be glad that there are no big companies performing home inspections like there are for mold. If there were the home inspector bill would look the same. Just wait till you see what a million worth of E&O is going to cost in 2010. I doubt that many home inspectors that qualify can justify the cost.

Just a thought here

Since a home owner can test his own property would it be legal under the new regs for said home owner to put us on his payroll for a day just like he would employ a maid or other domestic??

Just like some people do when building a home - they act as their own contractor and can build without being licensed

No two year degree or insurance needed

Just a thought


You might be onto something. They could just rent your equipment for the day and have you there to monitor and explain the process.


I like your idea better that mine

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IR Camera Sales and Rental
Mold Sampling Equipment Sales and Rental
On site training and demonstration

Yep, you have no liabilities, stand around doing a “show and tell” let them do all the work and get paid for it. No large inventory, just keep minimum supplies on hand. They can pay for the lab fees. Its a win, win…

I see a problem

The client has to be present – not good for people that work or are out of town

Also some clients would not know how to turn on the switch even under instruction

Don’t think the clients will buy into the whole program

Maybe I am wrong - they buy the mold kits at home depo


You would know better than I about that. I do not do any environmental testing of any kind. Made that decision years ago and have never regretted it. I don’t need the money, aggrevation or liability. I got friends that do them and love it but its not for me.


All expired products from Pro-Lab will be replaced at no cost to you. Ship them to Pro-Lab and they will send you fresh stock.

Your comments about the high prices for mold inspections and resistance to that are true. I’ve been doing them for three years now; kept dropping prices until I think I found a “sweet spot” which is actually probably a little less than a home inspection on a time basis, which makes little sense since the mold inspection usually takes more time and the report really takes a lot more time. I have just continued doing them because I think it’s a worthwhile service; definitely not a big money maker.