Mold Test USA

I was wondering if anyone is doing work with Mold Test USA. They contacted me to do contract mold test for them in my area. I have been thinking about adding mold testing to my services, and was wondering if this would be a good way to get started?

They called me before I was mold certified and it was the kick I needed to get started. I probably get a call every other month or so but it’s not my favorite work. I figured I’d be willing to inspect at a reduced rate since I don’t need to do any of the final presentation to the customer, but it didn’t work out that way. I tested a rental that had been shut down by the local government and ended up on conference calls with county officials and landlords, several calls asking for clarification, arguments about my findings vs the findings of another inspector, and all the other post inspection work I thought I was giving up in exchange for a reduced rate. The above example was the worst, but almost every inspection I do for them ends up being more work with multiple follow-ups than my own inspections, and at a reduced rate! I would much rather do my own work using my own reporting forms at full price. If you’re thinking of adding mold I would advise you to just do it yourself.