Advice on mold testing.

I am thinking of adding mold testing to my services.

I would like to obtain feedback form other inspectors that offer mold testing.

What testing device & lab do you use?

Do you offer grab or air samples?

What does a report form look like if you would be so kind to share?

What do you charge & how much do you make?

How much does the E&O cost.

Any information to help me make a decision would be appreciated.



Please take an hour or two to review the most recent “mold” posts that have been posted on the BB. A lot of great information is here for you.
For me - I am afraid to take a mold sample but wholeheartedly give to clients my unqualified, yet informed, opinion - and they appreciate it.

David I do a lot of mold testing 90% of my business. If you call PRO-Lab they will help you out with everything you need. I have had great service with them. Also AreoTech is a good one.

Take the time research and get some good trainning before you venture out.

I agree,Just finished a mold course with Pro-Lab and it was very informative.

I’m just starting mold testing also. I used Pro Lab to get my equipment and supplies and did my first test on my own home. They were very helpful and friendly. A good choice.

After testing your own house did you scare yourself accordingly and suggest some unnecessary and terribly expensive remediation? :slight_smile:

I just cleaned out my fridge… now my home could pass for one of NASA’s clean rooms…:p:mrgreen:

I agree that Pro-Lab has a good program. I decided to opt out of mold sampling due to Insurance and Licensing here in Tejas but I do have a pump and alot of sample kits for sale “Cheap”. Call me if interested. I have photos and receipts for all.

Robert Skinner

Robert sell it on ebay

Air Sampling is the least determining method of testing, if you smell mold which is a byproduct…then you can use Air Sampling…

But the best method is visually seeing the microbial matter and doing a tape sample or swab…the tape is better as it maintains the structure of the sample for the lab.

Air Sampling can be inconslusive…versus actually doing a physical sample