Mold testing kit - zefon z lite sampling - $125

I have a Pro Lab Zefon air pump and sampling kit up for sale. The vials and swabs (3 left of each) are expired, but can be used for practice. I still have 9 inner wall attachments left. Also comes with the tripod and Plano case.
I bought used, from a retired inspector a few months ago and I have never used it (I have 2 others). Pump operates as designed. $125 plus shipping (from Charlotte) and its yours!!!

Cliff Coley

Hello Cliff, I am interested. Please email me at for information to purchase. Thank You. Bryan

Hey Cliff, I am interested in the mold testing kit. I am also in Charlotte. Is it still available?

Still available?

It’s sold… thanks!

Cliff Coley
Oak Leaf Home Inspections