Zefron Mold Test Kit

I still have For Sale a Zefon basic mold testing kit.

Z-Lite IAQ Pump
(Includes Integrated combination flow
meter/regulator valve)
Sampling Stand
Bioisolation Filter
Toolbox Style Carrying Case
7 Air-O-Cell
5 Bio Tape Slides

Pump used 1 time

$225.00 includes shipping to lower 48

From Zefon mold testing kit - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f70/zefon-mold-testing-kit-105439/#ixzz3sqOfnZQg

Here’s why you haven’t sold it yet… New, with full warranty, Manufacturer direct… http://www.zefon.com/store/mold-sampling-starter-kit.html

That thing will pay for itself on your first Mold Inspection.

It was “used once”?? Sounds like you may need to ramp up your ancillary services marketing.

I wouldn’t sell mine unless I was going out of business! :cool: