Mold equip for sale again!

I know I posted that this was sold but the check wasn’t in the mail, after all:) Hmmm-I could edit this post on Tues-but couldn’t figure out how to edit it today. where have all the brain cells gone?

Hi all, I have an EMS Megalite mold testing kit for sale. Not doing mold-so have no use for it. Previous owner of my biz used 2 or 3 times. It includes:

Mega lite pump
Vacuum dust sample kit
8 thru wall tubing access.

I would take 200.00 or best offer. plz pm me if interested or want pics.
I also can include an Extech Hygro-thermometer pen model 445580 for an additional 50.00 .
Shipping additional-whatever cost is by your prefered method.

Just curious as to why you do not do sampling?

Hey Randy, When I first started biz, I was going to do mold testing. I had a rental house and a tenant from hell that ended up suing me for mold exposure
(and many other things)after I evicted her. She was a scam artist and it was unfounded, but ended up being a year long nightmare anyways. Insurance ended up settling with her just to make her go away.:roll:
Anyways, thats why I want nothing to do with mold. Ever!:slight_smile:

Same decision I came to very early on after going thru the training and talking with friends who are in the real world of industrial hygenists. They do not even think of doing mold or IAQ the way HI do.