Montgomery Ward Water Heater

I came across a Montgomery Ward, Water Heater today model # SRM 33731A.

Does anyone know how to age it? My cheat sheet doesn’t have Mont. Ward especially since they’re out of business.




The search function is your friend…not criticizing…I actually googled montgomery ward water heater age on google and came up with quite a few message board links…

Probably 30 +/- years old. What did the gas code and stamping on the gas valve say?

I think Mongomery Wards went out of business in 1997 or 98 so it has to be
at least that old.

I think they went out of business in 1982 as far as water heaters are concerned.

It should be the first 4 digits of the Serial Number (Month/Year)

Agree with Russel.

Manufacture ended in 1982.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Sorry my response took so long. :stuck_out_tongue: