Montgomery Ward Gas Furnace Age

Need the age for a Montgomery Ward gas furnace:
Model # 54423A
Ser# M07HN3D502
Also, does anyone know the manufacturer of this furnace/


John Evans

I think Montgomery Ward went out of business in 1982.

Old, Old, Old, and one foot in the grave!

I have an old montgomery wards forced air furnace with the Model # SRM 54 3A,
Ser #126910 A05. Does anyone have any infor on the age of the furnace?

Jim Raff

Your S/N is off, but I’d bet it’s late 70’s .
All Mont Ward stuff is ancient now.


Montgomery Ward was Sears and saw bucks competitor back in the late 60’s and early 70’s then went belly up. If you have one still operating don’t worry about its age it has exceeded its average life expectancy by a bunch of years;-)

Geez I actually worked on that brand of furnace back in the day