More free commercials for members. Watch them now.

Cool - I want one. How do we get one. What do we do with them once we got one?

Most members are emailing them to REALTORs, past clients to drum up referrals, and posting the links to them on their home inspection business websites. Informal works best. Remember, you are not selling home inspections, you are selling a home inspector… you.

Dan, you’d be better off doing an educational show for The exposure is crazy, upwards of 600 views an hour all day long.

I’ll buy your plane ticket and hotel room. Come to Boulder, we’ll shoot a great show that would be very informative for the industry.

That I would love to see .
Dan is one of the most knowledgeable
Home Inspectors and makes so many great posts .
I think he would be great to have .
Please do consider this Dan .

Thanks NICK

… Cookie

Nice videos Nick. And great job to the Members who presented these videos.

Dan, You spoke too soon. You’re next. We’ll see ya soon.