More space added to convention classes!

Good news! More space has been added to all the classes at the convention. If you were unable to get into the class you wanted check the schedule and try again.


Disregard this message, the Fire Marshall for the state of Florida will shut down the Convention if there are more people than alloted. Please note there are only 80 spaces in each class. If they are full, they are full. No ifs, ands, or butts.

I emailed you a long time ago to cancel all classes for me. Did you get it? I would hate to have a slot wasted. Although I’m sure it would be filled easily at the convention.

Her’s my list that’s up for grabs.

Sunday 1:00 PM: #303 Pools & Spas (S. Jawitz)
Monday 10:00 AM: #301 Radon Basics (RCTA)
Monday 1:00 PM: #302 Making Money with Mold (B. Wright)
Sunday 10:00 AM: #101 Basic Electrical (G. Beaumont)
Monday 3:30 PM: #410 Advanced Communications (L. Steiner)
Saturday 1:00 PM: #109 Manufactured Homes (G. Beaumont)
Tuesday 8:00 AM: #104 Basic Foundations (B. Brown)
Tuesday 10:00 AM: #106 Roofing / Attics (D. Hastings)
Tuesday 1:00 PM: #207 Fireplace/Chimneys (T. Cuttita

If the classes are full, I urge you to sign up for the course you want and if there is room, cancellations, etc. there may be extra spaces available. We will have to wait til we’re onsite to see what can happen. Thank you!!! %between%