Morgan County New Cabin inspection

What is the fine line between inspecting a wood cabin with no foundation and no HVAC and a residential home? It has propane vented fireplace and a wood stove in the living room. I called the Morgan county Assessors office and was told that it doesn’t even need a CO.

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I have not inspected this type of home. But, I would start with the statement along the lines of “This home does not have conventional construction such as, no foundation, no HVAC and likely was not required to have a building permit.”

Then, I would report as usual any significant concerns or defects…starting with lack of foundation or other durability issues. This is my opinion, and I hope to learn from other posters who have been here before.

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Report what you see. Propane fireplace and wood stove are a heating source, so I don’t know what you mean by “no HVAC”. No foundation?? If the wood floor framing is sitting directly on the ground, you have ground contact, an issue to report. If it’s sitting on boulders, wood posts, a pile of concrete blocks, then that is the foundation. Per SOP, report the foundation type and report any issues you observe. No matter what, I’d comment on the presence/absence of safety items like CO and Smoke detectors.