Moss Growing on Roof

I’m new at this so I’m working on navigating through this . Any way the photo shows moss growing on the roof and that would be a maintenance recommendation for Asphalt shingles .I’m I right or wrong. I’m thinking the roof could be cleaned

Replace roof and all ROTTED WOOD.

More information would be nice ,
Where are you? what kind of material is the roof? what is the age of the roof ? are you near the ocean?

Looks shot to me, the moss actually destroys the minerals on the shingles.
Recommend when installing the new roof that the roofers install zinc strips to prevent the moss from re-growing.

Looks like pine needles under the edges , first get rid of the pine tree then shingles may need replacement depends how bad it was .

I’m in Placerville ca in the mountains lots of big trees in the shade not much sun asphalt shingles .


Ok I know what your saying Thanks

I’m in Placerville ca in the mountains lots of big trees in the shade not much sun asphalt shingles .


Still a little short of Info when asking a question give us as much as you can .
If you are doing an inspection
I would report as Roof has much moss growing and it need to be seen immediately by a professional roofer regarding cleaning or replacing .
if this is your house I would get many Zink pellets on it and water it down . After a time I would see if you can sweep away the growth and examine the condition of the roof .
It looks like it needs to replaced now ,with zink strips .
But inspecting from a picture is hard to be sure what we see . Have no idea on when this roof was installed .

The place is loaded with pine trees .you can’t take them all down . I’s not just one tree I’m in the mountains . Thanks for your input. It helps when your a newbie

I’m new at these courses and still working on my requirements. This will be my first free report and I’m living in this house. I still have a lot to work on. Also trying to learn how to navigate through this. Thanks for your input It’s a big help.

Well I’m a newbie just starting out. Much work for me to do

I agree with removal and have the roof install a zinc strip, if its a newer roof they may only need to replace the damage side.

I lived in the Woods in Canada also how ever keeping tress away from the home is beneficial in many ways . Fires , problems with bugs , and of course moss . Only alenterntive is getting up there and gently sweeping every so often .

“Lichen, moss, or other types of organic growth were observed on roof shingles. We recommend killing the growth with copper sulfate or other approved chemicals to prevent damage to the shingles.”

If its heavy growth, I call the roof at end of life and/or refer it to a roofer.