How do any of you address moss on the roof, verbage and alike.

I note that there is moss buildup on the roof shingles and recommend removal.

When the client is with me I say a stiff broom works good to get it off because moss holds moisture and can rot the shingles. If you scuff off some moss, you’ll see the damage started.
Recommend when reroofing add zink strip to top layer of shingles to help control moss.


What would cause this, maybe moisture under shingles?

The moisture gets under the top layer and granules of the shingle and bubbles the material and then sluffs off easily.

Roy’s zinc strip is good and they have been making shingles that resist moss growth for a while too.

Many times the moss grows because of shade. How far away are trees or other items. If direct sun is able to hit the roof material, the moss will not grow. Do they need some trees trimmed back???

Yes they do need trees trimmed.