Move-In-Certified golf balls.

Move-In-Certified golf balls:


I lost a few yesterday into the water…are You sending out replacements?

Nice. Lot of golf course communities around here.

I’m sponsoring at golf tournament next month. How much are they? And where can I get them?

likewise. Got a Re/max vs Royal Le Page charity event. Can we.get.some to Canada before Oct 10th?

Golfing with some bankers on Monday. Is this the thread where we ask for a free box/case? :slight_smile:


Are they Titleist? NXT? Can we get them in yellow?

They actually look like those crystal/transparent Noodle balls.


cost and a bright colour would be awesome,?

I lost a few Callaways at one of the nicer courses around me yesterday also…water…woods…???, etc.:frowning:

I only lost one Friday pretty good for me especially with all the water on just about every course down here :slight_smile:

Realtors love these!

I used to have a Titleist ball that beeped when it was in the rough, flashed when it was in the trees, floated when it was in the water and vibrated to the top on sand traps. It was impossible to lose. When a friend of mine asked me where I got it from I told him.

I found it.

I remember that ball! You are older than 29!


where can i get these?

Here you go. Put your logo on them.

Nick, the Titalest and Gold Logo series.
If you don’t mind, could you put on the reverse side"Putting information where you need it most, In your hands"
I know its long but there lots of room if you shrink the font.

You can send to to my address with a set of Callaway drivers.
Thanks mate…Your the greatest:-)

When are the Heddon fishing lures with InterNACHI logo’s coming out?
I require a replacement for my muskie series.