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[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by curiousminds (from Las Vegas). [/ASKNACHI]Move In Certified? If the Home is on the market for 120+ days after the Inpspection, who assumes the liability for any changes in its condition, as in major systems, safety? The Seller or the Inspector? Aren’t conditions like mold, radon, insect damage outside your SOP?

Is your “move In Certified” a warranty, and who pays for any repairs discovered after the buyer moves in and discovers conditions that may have occurred after the Inspection?

My report is what I saw at the time of inspection.
One hour later things can have changed.
Example When I do an inspection I take down the serial numbers . 14 days later the new purchaser phones me and says the water heater does not look like the one I saw when I went through the home .
I told her to look on her report and see if it is a rheem # ******.
It was not so she called her lawyer and with my report she put in new water heater and the previous owner paid for it.
Not I my report is now not any time later .
Roy Cooke

The vendor is liable right up until the last day of their occupancy.

A home inspection performed for a house to be declared Move In Certified by the seller is no different than any other home inspection other than the inspector uploads the report to FetchReport.

Definition of Move In Certified: MoveInCertified homes have been pre-inspected by NACHI certified inspectors and the sellers confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement and no known safety hazards.

We just need to add another paragraph to our reports."Definition of Move In Certified: "

HI’s like putting things in their report that are not required, this shouldn’t be a problem, seeing it is getting you more work. I always start off my report with the scope of what the report is about anyway.

The Inspector reports the conditions observed on the day of the inspection.
The seller then confirms there are no major problems or safety issues.

Some inspectors provide a free 120 day home warranty with their inspection.
This warranty may not be available from all inspection companies.