Move in certified

This is probably a dumb question but I couldn’t find it specified anywhere. What does it take to be move in certified. Do you just have to be a Nachi member or is it a different fee because it is a different company sort of like CMI? Is there special education involved and how do you write the reports. Are the reports just a regular home inspection like you would give to a buyer you just instead give it to the seller before the house goes to market?

Any responses welcome.


IMO… It is just a regular home inspection. The advantage is that the seller can advertise that the house has already been inspected by an InterNachi certified inspector. They can show the inspection report and show what corrections they have made to aid in their sale.

Correct. It’s just your regular inspection, only the client changes (from buyer to seller). More information at

Ok thanks you guys. I just didn’t want to offer it and me not have the right to.

I have done several of these. Even the realtors are pleased with results. Some have said houses move faster than without MIC.

Just always remember: A home inspection is a snapshot in time. So many times here on the message board it has been brought up that the inspection is good for the date and time of the inspection itself. Too many variables. Conflicting arguments can be made. I guess that it’s good marketing. I just see that there could be some sort of liability for the inspector.