Move In Certified Program, how does it work

[FONT=Arial]I read some previous blogs about this, but am still not sure how it works.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Do I apply for an ID, then send the report up to the site? Or, does the buyer request the information via the site and then the site asks me to upload?[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Any info would be appreciated, as I think I would like to use this. My push is to get into seller inspections in a big way.[/FONT]

When you up load the report at , you will check the box that says something like make this report public. Then when the customer goes to, all they have to do is to type in the address of the property to review the report.

James, thanks for the info and taking the time to respond.

I agree. When it said move in certificate, I thaught it ment that I get something other than the inspectoin report I just submitted. I need to let the customer know if the house past the gree test or not ( green certified checklist) which by the was is protected. I cant type to customers name nor my Company name

What did you just say? Please rephase.

Thanks for the help, it’s exactly what I needed

I was talking to Taylor, but thanks for the thanks anyway.

Thanks James

All I am trying to do is fill out the three page check list and let the customer know what he need to do to get his house green certified. I did this (Thank you for answering’s 20 questions–your first step towards going green!) Then this is what I get ( For more information about’s Green Checklist, visit ) did that, then nothing. The website is not completed. No one will respond to my e-mails

Green Certification

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