MoveInCertified on MY OWN website

I want to upload my inspection reports directly to my website rather than using FetchReport for my MoveInCertified clients. How do I do it? I know there’s HTML code that has to be used, but how do I get the “order report” form on my site? — or is that all part of the HTML code? (As you can see, I know nothing about this stuff.) Your help is greatly appreciated AND anticipated.



If you want the user to never go to the fetchreport site at all, you’d have to upload the files directly to your website and send the users a direct link. Otherwise you can insert the MIC html to your site which allows people to request the report from your site, at which point they are redirected to fetchreport.


You cannot use the integration without having your reports hosted on You can always download the MIC logo and do the entire process through your web site, but if you want your clients to be able to download the reports from you have to upload your reports to




After you set up your fetch account, you can use the HTML code and it will look like this on your website where your clients can access it.

Thanks for helping answer gentlemen.

Thank you all very much for your precise help.


Mark I host my reports right on my server and my clients can download their report 24 hrs a day. This cost me nothing. Had a friend that had the code. If you want me to set you up just let me know.