Moving to Jacksonville, FL!!

Hi all!

Just wanted to post a “plug” for myself hoping that someone might be able to help. I’m a licensed Texas HI with just over a year of inspecting under my belt. Things are going well as far as the HI biz is concerned, however my wife and I want to move to the Jax area to be closer to family/friends. Are there any multi-inspector firms in the Jax area in need of any experienced HI? If so, please contact me as I will be…in need of a job:shock:

I have quickly gained a reputation in my area as being a “thorough” inspector (which has its advantages and disadvantages as we all know), I have completed about 200 inspections so far and just passed the NHIE last week and submitted my info to ASHI for review. I realize that ASHI has quite a presence in Jax, which is why I thought this would be a good idea to do ahead of time. I am 33 yrs. old and have 12 years experience as a remodeling contractor/business owner as my background. I do not have issues with authority, and would not mind working as an employee, and would like to be part of an already established company for a potential long-term relationship.

Simply put, I love being a HI, and as much as I have invested into my business here in TX, I am going to have to leave it behind to move onward and Eastward! BTW, I am not a native Texan and am pretty familiar w/the Jax area already so adjusting geographically is not a huge concern for me.

Has anyone else ever had to do something like this?..How did your experience go?..Any feedback would be great.

Check with Michael Rowan. He owns AmeriPro and Inspection Depot.

Contact me !!!

Hi Fred,
What’s the best way to reach you, email, phone#??

9047599268 / 9043175155 / /

Thanks, Just finishing up some loose ends…I will call you shortly.