Introduction & hoping for FL market information

Hi all, newest member here.

I’m considering getting FL HI licensed after proper training in the next few months and was hoping some of you can give me your take on the Tampa and surrounding markets for inspections. I’m looking forward to chatting with and meeting many of you and will likely become an supportive and outspoken member of the industry and the forum. Anything you’d care to share to start out would be much appreciated. Thanks.

How about joining InterNACHI?

Student membership is part of the training fee. My membership will be along shortly.


Nowhere will you find more info to help you and your business grow.

Get thick skin is the key to participating in the forums so I will get it started.

What makes you think you will make a good home inspector?

What is your experience that has lead you to this decision?

You can learn a ton here but will take a lot of crap unless you just suck a s s and tow the company line.

I will be glad to help you any way I can. Feel free to contact me anytime after 10:00am or by email and good luck.

Seriously the best thing you can do to become a great inspector is become an interNACHI inspector. The benefits and education are the best of the best. Good luck.

Why would you be outspoken if you wanted to be one of us?

Hi and thanks both.
Outspoken in the sense of my candor and both straightforwardness & honesty.

I hear there is a shortage of home inspectors in Florida. Get certified, keep your prices low and you’ll do fine.
Are you a contractor who can’t hack it in the construction business? If you are, you’ll do fine.

My reason’s for becoming a certified HI are to use my construction and general how-things-work knowledge to help inform others with information to help them make or not make more informed home purchases. I enjoy working with people, teaching, mentoring and thought this second-half career could be a perfect mix of my skills and my passions.

Other than that guys, I’m completely here to learn and to add when I have value.


Where Are you doing your training?
What is your background/experience?
Tampa market is good as is much of Florida. Remember the 7 "P’s"
Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Good Luck.

Thank you William. Love the 7 P’s - haven’t ever heard it as simply or eloquently.

I’ve signed up for InterNACHI’s Tampa partner Inspector Outlet for the 120hr FHI Licensing program - classes begin early July.

As for my background, I am a 20 year creative vet in the marketing and advertising biz. I’ve held executive leadership positions in creative departments at large agencies and small alike. I design, write and creative direct in all media by day and have ended up rebuilding 4 of my own houses over the years at night on weekends and on much of my vacation time. I’ve always loved DIY since my dad had been a jack of all trades himself while he wasn’t being a NYC cop. For years I’ve done big & small building and reno jobs for friends and family - not for the money but for the fun, the challenges and the satisfaction of creating and completing. As I look to the next chapter of myself I wanted to dive into something that builds on my passions for construction & marketing, held lots to learn, could help people, and allow me to continue to work for myself. Getting certified in HI seemed like a good fit to me. I’m ready to sponge it all up for a few years and in time, hopefully share some of that knowledge with the next bunch.

Nothing like attics in Florida’s summer to entice a fellow into a career.

I suggest you go on some ride alongs with anyone that will take you so you know what you are about to get into before spending your money.

I also suggest it be a single inspector outfit so you see how things are for that type of company as that is LIkely, I assume how you will start.

Do not go for a ride along with one of the giant companies that hit the house with a team because that will only give you an idea of what the boss does and I assure you it is much different than what you will be starting off doing.

Just my 2 cents take em or leave them but whatever you choose good luck.

Dan, becareful of the “inspectors” that spend their lives on the message board or the inspectors who are looking for another job. They are bitter because they can not make a good living in this profession.

You can make a good living doing inspections in Florida if you are willing to work hard. You also must have the knowledge and skills needed for the profession. The first being a good attitude. The problems in the profession are not really problems, but challenges. The biggest problem with inspectors is their attitude towards those challenges. If you ever need any help or have a question do not hesitate to contact me.

Now ! That’s excellent advice !

Dan, if you need anything just email me. Always willing to help. Find out exactly where you competition is, and go elsewhere. Doing the same thing will get you nowhere. Be different…makes you stand out in a crowd, but being the marketing guy you are, you already know that.


John is referring to me. Because I do not enjoy the profession I am currently in. I was much more succesful as a subcontractor doing Stucco for the major builders in South Florida and wish I was back in those days. That does not me I do not give my all to my clients and try to help all I encounter. I am a Licensed CGC and HI sorry I do not like what I do now I do it to make ends meet. I am giving you realistic info for you to look into before you jump in with boith feet. Funny the two who commented are who I was refering to NOT taking a ride along with.

WHY??? Because they are the exception to the norm in home inspection. They ARE BETTER than most in the business world. How bout that for complementing folks i personally do not get along with to much.

I just think you should go out with someone who is doing what you will likely start doing. As said before just my 2 cents.

Would you spend a week with the CEO of dominoes if you wanted to open a pizza shop or would you spend a week with a mom and pop shop if you wanted to start a pizza shop. Just saying.

I am also Both John and Rus Would invite you as they seem to help all they can as well. I just think you would want to see what you would likely be doing FIRST.

By the way as far as honesty goes no one tells it lke I tell it. You will always get my opinion not any sugar coated go team tow the company line crap.

I am the Black Sheep here yet I get contacted weekly from folks just like you asking my opinions on things, Even those who are my direct competition. Hmmmmm I wonder why.

Thank to all who offered advice and support if needed. It’s appreciated and I’ll likely take you up on that someday. By browsing your websites I can understand how some of you can be successful in your operations - very impressive. Good for you. It’s nice to see a community willing to help a newcomer.

I also believe attitude and effort are the keys here as they are in many of life’s endeavors. I’m signed up now, working through password issues and looking forward to sponging up much of what InterNACHI’s tutorials have to teach.

I’m in the process of taking the 120 hr cert program now and have been hitting the InterNACHI education modules pretty hard…some really great training aids in here.

Is anyone in the Tampa surrounding market willing to have me ride-along for a few inspections?

I’m interested in and reading up on other posts for must have tools & specific brand names as well as report writing mobile software. Any and all feedback / suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

Dan being the marketing guy, it would kinda dumb to give you advice without ever knowing what your plans for the future are.

Software, to me depends on if you gonna stay single man operation, one man per job operation (multi guys on their own) or a team approach.

Some will say do this and do that, but without knowing your long range goals, then its all just ill given advice.

What kind of report are you going to give? Mostly pictures or just a few? Do you want small videos in the report? Are you going to email the reports only or print them? Are they going to be long and detailed or small to the point check list types? Do you want to deliver he report on site or never do that? Do you prefer tablets, phones, laptops or desktops? Do you prefer a better software and poor customer support or good software with excellent customer support? Do you plan on merging your information together with a team approach? Do you want to pay per inspection or a one time fee or payments? Are you computer literate or not so good?

That’s just the BASIC questions for software choices. So instead of sitting here and asking what to do and what to get…what is your budget, if any. What services are you going to perform? Do you prefer to buy the best money can buy once, or plan on going cheap and then gradually getting the better equipment?

Just for moisture meters I have numerous surverymasters and MMS2’s. Why? Because I personally think they are the most reliable, I can check them calibration and they sure as hell are durable. But they are expensive the MMS2’s are at about a grand each. But then again you can find moisture meters for about $30 and they may or may not give you a decent reading, I don’t know, I do not own any of them. I just know when I take pictures and my equipment is in the picture, it usually far outperforms the “professionals” who are repairing the issues equipment. I am of the mind set, buy the best and if you can’t afford it, save up and wait until you can afford the best. But that is just me, years of wasting money on crap until I could finally afford what I wanted was money in the toilet! If I would have just waited a little longer I could have afforded what I really wanted instead of settling.

To give info without knowing you, your goal, your vision and you capabilities, budget etc…is just pure BS IMHO…but then its really only worth $.02 and most people want change back…


Thanks for the compliments it takes a big person to compliment people they dislike. I was also referring to others.

I have to disagree with your mom and pop analogy. First, running a restaurant is more difficult than running an inspection business(I have 20 years experience). Secondly, why would you not want to know how to run a successful business from the CEO? The mom and pop would struggle to compete while the ceo with proper motivation can ruin them easily, with just direct advertising. The CEO understands the market and the consumer while the Mom and pop take produce deliveries. The CEO still has all the answers that the Mom and Pop have but he/she has a spin that will make them grow and be successful.

To think that the boss of a team inspection does not know all the answers is just silly. At one time they would have done the inspections alone and on other occasions they have to cover for missing team members. You believe that the leader does not do the any of the work, you could not be more wrong. The leader does not do all the work(at any given inspection) is what you were meaning. I can tell you that I still go in attics, on roofs and open electrical panels and I even carry my own ladder most of the time.

The leader does have the added responsibility of training the crew and managing the inspection and the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the crew. These are items that the sole inspector does not understand.

Here is point to ponder, how many outlets does an inspector have to test before he/she realizes that there may be a better use of their knowledge and time?

I did not say you did not do your own share of work. I just think he will begin his Career as a single person firm. OP please tell me if I am wrong.

I call it like I see it no matter how I feel about anyone.

It takes time as you know to get to your level. I know of none that started there.

Sure go and check it out to see what you may get to if you are good and lucky but I still suggest he go out with a single operator to get a feel for what a first good few years would likely consist of.