MW tester

HI all. I see InterNACHI has a microwave tester available. How do I get one?

Ask for one at
You can also go to Inspector outlet and order one.

Thanks Greg

I service both commercial and consumer microwave ovens. Does anyone have the technical specs on the Microwave tester ie at what wattage are the LEDs triggered and how far away is it supposed to be held from the microwave?

So far the worst microwave I have serviced only had a leakage value of just less than 0.5 mW. Manufacturer specs allow for a maximum leakage of 2mW and the FDA allows for up to 5mW at a distance of 2 inches.

To obtain the measurement, the manufacturer tells us to use a plastic container they designed for a specific weight and fill it with 250 ml of water. Operate the microwave at it’s highest power setting while taking measurements with a microwave emissions meter. Ours is analog and very sensitive.

Everyone of the microwaves I have serviced emit a small amount of microwave radiation so my concern would be the sensitivity of the LED’s. If it is too sensitive then the client may feel obligated to bring the microwave in for service or call a tech to perform inspection at the house. This could cause the client to pay $50 and up for unnecessary diagnostics.

My recommendation is to leave the microwave alone. The latch mechanism is just plastic so is the door release button if it is equipped with one. Although these plastic parts are fairly durable they do break and I wouldn’t want to be on the hook for repairs. Another common fault are the monitoring switches, if any of these fail when trying to operate the microwave it could blow the internal fuse.

I use them and clients and agents like the colored lights, not to mention little kids. Worth the few bucks for sure, I suggest getting a few as you will lose many…:cool: