My Christmas Song to you all

Hope you all enjoy this 1/2 as much as I do.
Time to lighten up and relax after today.
Merry Christmas 80’s style.

I can’t leave you all with just 1 gift.
Here’s another. Enjoy, I sure do!!!

Get up on dis.
They must be talking about getting on a roof.

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I was born in 83 so 90’s stuff was my nostalgia. Crap you say? That’s when rap was good, Britney Spears was hot, All the good alt rock guys were around (or died). I’d challenge you to a nostalgia music video showdown - different generation edition type of thing. (over at the locker room)

Nicholas Helder, the 80’s versus the 90’s.
Okay but even though it’s your forum, I will "Rock the ---- out of it!
With all due respect you younger people I think they call Millineals, don’t have a lot of respect for people who paved the way for your generation.

I guess you wanna get schooled boy!

Oh and I never implied the 90’s was crap. Gotta lot of good memories there but they was made from the 80’s.

It’s Christmas and we shouldn’t fight, so how about I just “Rock your forum” for an hour and you do the same. We will let the audience vote?

Alright Bro, I accepted your challenge. I don’t see you anywhere. If history repeats itself, you’re pretty getting a couple of your home boys to jump me.