My /drain Is Clogged, got any ideas?

HELP!! Hey guys, I have a drain in my basement that services a shower that is CLOGGED. We have tried the old stand by of IND Strength Liquid Plumr(usually works good), a snake, vinegar, pressure washer, etc. Does anyone have an idea on how to get this clog out. It is not completely clogged, just very slow. I really don’t want to have to take the stall and everything out and rip this drain up, but it is 40+ years old. Any ideas would be more than welcome. Thanks.:roll::roll:

First have the drain scoped all the way to the sewer or septic tank. The couple hundred you spend will answer your question. You are only assuming it is a clog and not a collapsed pipe, tree roots or some other malady that needs proper repair.

C’mon Harry Homeowner… call a pro.

OK, let me be a bit more specific. This drains into a pit with a grind pump in it, and the line is only about 8ft long, no tree roots could penetrate it, based upon its’ location. Yes, it could possibly be a collapsed pipe. And, I am leaning towards calling a pro, I just wanted some opinions from some other pros as well.:shock:

Have you tried a toilet snake?

Fill it about an inch or two with a drain cover and then pull the cover away and take a heavy duty type toilet plunger to it real hard!

Or fire up the air compressor… :twisted:

Or, call a plumber, you cheapskate :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Pull the hair out. :wink:

Seriously, though, be careful after using the liguid plumber if you do it yourself. Is the pump in the pit functional?

With friends like you wise guys…LMAO

I do have a pro coming in tomorow, but thanks for the help. Yes, the pump is working. Tried a toilet snake as well as a regular snake. Thanks guys.

Keep us informed, Ian. Don’t forget… PICTURES!!! :smiley:

Marcs 55. Contains Sulfuric Acid. Be careful if you use it, but it works good.

I used to have a Plunger that was gallon sized and wish I could get another.
Seriously never ever use Acid,and I hope Ian was joking.
i have had to evacuate living units because of sulfuric and hydrochloric use.
not only are they corrosive to your lungs ,but they will ruin every finish in the house.
Nothing is better than an auger.
Air pumps risk bursting the pipes.
i spent 15 years Building Maintenance ,so trust me on the above.

Wasn’t kidding Bob, just don’t leave it sit in the drain very long!!

Too risky and not as good as my sneaky snake.
Your risking serious lung damage.
Also never mix chemicals if you take that method.

Vinegar is nice because it dissolves soap and I always tell people to pour a ;little down the drain once in a while.

The hair clings to soap.

Bob, I wasn’t playing mad scientist, this stuff works good.

You could try muratic acid found at your local hardware store.
muratic acid is a 35% hydrocloric acid.

Be careful acids are nothing to be careless with.


Somehow pouring a boatload of Acid/Drain cleaner down 40 odd year old pipes does not sound too clever to me.