My first pissed off customer.... :(

Hey guys. I started my business about 6 months ago. I’ve done around 50 inspections. About every person or their realtor have commented on how through my inspections are. And I’ve had many repeat inspections and referalls. Yesterday I received a call from a client who stated I missed the clfact her bathroom floor is rotted and the tiles are coming up. I have no documentation about any issues in this bathroom… I liked up my inspection and the home is on a slab… It was vacant for some time when I inspected (no moisture present) and it’s been over 2 months since I have done the inspection … She’s pissed and sounds like she is expecting some kind orlf reimbursement. My state of Michigan does not allow this to my knowledge but I still don’t want an upset customer and a bad review!!! Any advise??

Be sure to let your E&O carrier know immediately. They can offer you the best advice.

Wow, then I’m moving to Michigan.


What is a E&O ?
I will have to check if there is a course about “dealing with Pissed off costomers”?

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Hello, new guy here… Just asking for basic info…

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Google is your friend


I would highly suggest you look into it and obtain one.
Errors and omissions insurance ( E&O ) is a type of professional liability insurance that protects companies, their workers, and other professionals against claims of inadequate work or negligent actions.


OHH , I am new and ignorant as a home inspector industry for sure. That is why I want to wait until 2020 to start my business. I will do well in doing inspections because of my 45 years of back ground, where I am my weakest is Marketing, precautions and running a business as a whole.
Thank you for your info, much appreciated…

I will do my own resource into “E&O”, I need to see how that works in conjunction with my LLC business I have set up?

I highly recommend E&O and General Liability insurance. Many say, it is not if you get sued, it is when you get sued.


…You can’t squeeze blood out of a rock… Can’t take it if ya ain’t got it (ie. if they can’t find it)!! :wink:

Errors & omissions insurance…Rut roh…

I’ve never had E&O…

You don’t need it if you have no assets. :wink:


Frank! …Frank!
Shut up!:grin:
I’m self insured with the exception of the liability.
I’m not gonna miss anything Brother…

They’ll find it. :cowboy_hat_face:

Not with me they wouldn’t…Nope!
E&O is a total waste of good money if you know what your doing…
Another way to siphon money from hard working inspectors…


I hope they never need to, Roy. :crazy_face:

I kinda agree with you Roy. I bet 99% of E&O claims are settled by the amount of the deductible.