My prediction for 2007 Florida home inspection licensing:NACHI membership will double

If any Florida home inspection licensing passes… membership in NACHI will more than double to over 3,000 in Florida.

Remember where you heard it first.

If your stats hold up, then NACHI should be “Pro Active” {Just Like ASHI} and UNLIKE ASHI, endorse Fair, Balanced, and Unbiased legislation in all States that are yet unlicensed.

  • ASHI has a clear political agenda. They endores all items that will direct $$ to ASHI and the NHIE.
    In my opinion, there has not been enough effort put forth to counter act their measures. I am glad to see that the NACHI members in Florida are not taking this lying down. GOOD FOR THEM!

We are doing the same in New Hampshire.

Nick, i hate that the different HI Orgs are so divided and that there is so much political BS between orgs. NACHI in my opinion is by far the most helpful org. I am no longer a FABI memeber and have recently joined NACHI. NACHI has so much to offer it’s members ie online courses educational articles, marketing articles ect. I have not had a chance to attend a local chapter event yet, however, i am sure they are very educational as well. I have really enjoyed being a NACHI member and look forward to seeing us continue to grow.

ASHI’s lobbyist basically admitted that their own proposed licensing is killing them everywhere.

ASHI has failed to realize that they are an association of mostly newbies (70% come-only-with-cash Candidates) who couldn’t pass gas, let alone a state exam. So licensing is killing their Candidates.

ASHI has failed to realize that their own veteran inspectors (only 30% now) who have worked hard to develop a market are overrun by licensees who are just as licensed as them. So licensing is killing their Veterans.

Like I said, even the most unfair licensing helps NACHI the association, generally harms NACHI members individually a bit, and kills ASHI dead.

Remeber folks, NACHI is not a credential-only association. In fact, far less than 1% of the massive piles of work we do for our members has anything to do with credential issuing.

Credential-only associations are becoming extinct like dinasours and the meteor that is wiping them off the face of the earth is licensing. Only member-benefit associations (like NACHI) thrive when that meteor hits.

The bottom of these banners say it all:

Frank, my dear friend…

NACHI’s growth in membership in licensed states is derived from the flood of new inspectors that overwhelm the market in states that fall victim to socialization.

They need as much marketing help as they can get so that they can do enough $125.00 home inspections in a week to pay the light bill. Listings on NACHI’s internet inspection locator, alone, is worth the dues to them.

As an association, NACHI certainly gains…but its membership loses.

1200 in Florida all have 250 inspections under their belt?

Jim Bushart is correct.

Much of NACHI’s success has to do with what I call "reaching the point of obviousness to the ignorant." For an association to grow, it has to attract inspectors who are ignorant (not stupid) about choosing what association to belong to. You can’t survive on only those inspectors who take the time to research what association is best to join… that market is too small.

I am ignorant about skate boarding and I know nothing about skate boards. So if you showed me 2 skate boards and asked me to choose one, maybe I’d pick one or maybe I’d pick the other. But if you showed me 2 skate boards and a Rolls Royce (something else I’m ignorant about)… I’d damn sure pick the Rolls Royce. I’d pick the Rolls Royce every time, as would most people who know nothing of skate boards and Rolls Royces.

NACHI is much like the Rolls Royce in this example. It’s value proposition (for those of you with MBAs) compared to that of other associations is getting almost silly in that it has become the right business choice, obvious to even the very ignorant (weak businessmen).

This may be good or it may be bad, but it is certainly irrespective of licensing. Even licensing that polishes up the skate boards.