NACHI 2006 Tax return

Hey Nick,

I did a little quick math:

Membership dollars: $1,477,119 divided by $289.00 = 5111 members

So either you gave away 4700 free memberships, or your claim of 9800 members is a little over stated :roll:

I guess there is plenty of room under your 10,000 member cap, I guess I don’t have to RUSH to sign up again :wink:

That seems to be what the math indicates.

There are also the Discounted Memberships resultant from participation in the varied CE Offerings that will skew the numbers.

I recall attending a Chapter Meeting in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) where 40+ Members joined NACHI along with discounted dues for Attendance at a CE Meeting.

Or, he filled a falsified tax return - in which case the IRS will get him…:stuck_out_tongue:

You got anything worthwhile to talk about.

You’re a model member Dan. Nick must love you.:stuck_out_tongue:

First: With a 1/3 turnover rate our industry suffers, having 9,900 members means you’ll only show 6,600 members worth of dues each year. So subtract some there.

Second: And although NACHI doesn’t give discounted renewals away, we do give discounted first year memberships away as part of our bloodline improvement efforts. For instance, new-to-NACHI inspectors who pay to take an advanced course from NACHI Certified Training (who’s income is not included with NACHI’s) can join NACHI for only $50. So subtract some there.

Third: We carried a lot of Deadwood (members who weren’t paying) in 2006. We only recently started deleting our Deadwood aggressively in 2007 (see ) after capping membership at 10,000, so these slots are only this year being replaced with prompt due paying members. So subtract some there for 2006 also.

Fourth: We only enjoy the revenue of a 9,900 member organization once we get there, and we didn’t do that till the end of 2006. The beginning of 2006 we were only at maybe 7,000 members.

Gross revenue means little (hence the way I phrased the title of my thread in Misc). What is meaningful is revenue increase over previous years and NACHI has enjoyed large gross revenue increases every subsequent year. 2006’s increase over 2005 was a revenue increase of over $300,000.00.

I think that I have recieved $289.00 worth of info and whatnot here each year.:smiley:

I love the whatnot.:wink:

Thanks Brian. It’s getting better too. For instance (another meaningful stat): NACHI’s staff not only did more work in 2006 than 2005 (we launched way more NACHI benefits in 2006 than we had in the entire history of NACHI), but they did it for $50,000 less than they did it for in 2005. Wait… it gets better. Not only did they do more for less… they then brought in additional revenue that more than twice over paid for themselves. In short, they didn’t cost NACHI a penny and in fact paid for themselves twice over. With payrol under 10% of gross revenue… we have plenty of slush left over to continue doing and creating more and more and more each year.

I wonder how the NACHI staff will like the new offices in China and Taiwan? That should be a huge money saver.:twisted:

As long as we don’t have to pay for Bill Merrell’s lunches! :wink: Just teasing Bill.

I found just the perfect building last week…:smiley:

Lunch/Picnic area for the large staff included…:smiley:

Staff gets to drive the Boss’s Vette…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cut staff in less than half, work load increase to the point of overload, save NACHI 50,000 and much, much more.

we could not ask for a better boss than Nick Gromicko even though he drives all of us crazy. Its all worth it when you love your job and your best friend is your boss.

That is a Life worth Living.

You can not ask for more than that…

Where do the small staff eat?:twisted:

I’m self employed. I hate my boss :slight_smile:

Faulty math.
First: 1/3 turnover means that 1/3 new members would arise to take the place of 1/3 of the old members - the total number of members would remain constant. If that number is 6600, as you suggest that seems alot closer to the revenues suggeted by the tax return.

Second: OK, Discounted memberships can dilute the numbers, what raw number of members are discounted memebers?

Third: Deadwood memebers are counted only in your 10,000 figure and are not actually dues paying members. Again, bringing the total number much closer to the total the math suggests.

Fourth: Completely inaccurate. When a memeber joins, or their renewal date comes up, their $289 must be paid at that time or they are not a member. So, if you reached 9900 at ANY point in 2006, you would have recieved dues from all 9900, paid as of close of business 12/31/06.

The math as performed by jason1 is accurate, but does not accurately reflect the number of discounted memberships. A small discount ($89) does not impact the math significantly, adding no more than 1600 members to the result if every single NACHI member got the discount. A discount (to $50) is more significant, but is unknowable since the total of those paying that rate is not available.

I don’t think Nick did well in math class.

But, I think he got an “A” in marketing :wink:

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.