Nachi Announces Strategic Alliance With Canadian Association

It is reported that InterNachi has signed a tentative agreement with a large Canadian home inspection association.

I will have more details later today!

Now who could that be???

Where is this reported?

Hi Joe, I’ll let Bill Mullen explain since he has all the details. Unfortunately I guess you have been left out of the negotiations.

At this time I am pleased to announce the imminent merger of the two largest Home Inspection Associations in Canada . CAHPI and NACHI, which together have almost 1,500 Canadian members, have reached agreement on several fundamental matters and feel they can advance the industry better together than alone.

Past history has shown that more energy and resources are spent fighting among ourselves than actually trying to further the cause of such an essential industry.

Regulation and/or legislation to control our futures is far away in the future, so we have a duty to ourselves and the public to make improvements in several areas.

In some cases, the industry has made great strides forward, while in others, we have been petulant adolescents complaining about our unfortunate fates.

Lately, more inspectors have realized that there is strength in numbers. Each association has its strong points and its weaknesses. Hopefully, we can find the best from both and meld it into a cohesive, productive organization that is beneficial to inspectors and consumers.

For the first time, serious high level meetings have been held, and they have produced hope for the immediate and long term future.

One association, NACHI, is well known for marketing and incredible membership benefits.

One association has built a reputation as a strong advocate of defensible and strong credentials, supported by government and other industry stakeholders.

Logically, the two groups can utilize their best assets and create an much larger marketplace and more opportunities for Canadian practitioners.

Sadly, there are not enough people in this industry who recognize the potential for such a merger or even an ‘official’ understanding. In fact, most are so intent on criticizing the others’ association, that they fail to see that a simple solution is staring us in the face. On this unique day, perhaps we should all reflect on some of this.

April Fools!



Originally Posted by **gromicko ASHI AND NACHI MERGE!:stuck_out_tongue: **](

Hi Nick!
I just returned from the State Capitol where as expected the ASHI contingent and their paid Lobbyist turned out in full force.

The to be expected nasty remarks we made by ASHI and their PHONY coalition.

  • You might be interested to know that in Public Testimony the bitter divide between the two associations was brought up by the Chairman of the House E.D. & A. committee.
    So I am happy to see that the two associations have finally merged. NOW maybe there can be “Peace in New Hampshire”

I have just sent out this State Chapter Newsletter to ALL of our NH-NACHI members and … I sent a copy to the President of the PHONY Coalition whose board of directors are ALL ASHI so that now the local ASHI folks will know that “We are One”!


State Chapter of
The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors


April 1, 2008

Frank Carrio
Chapter President

Hi To All!
I just received this E-Mail directly from Nick Gromicko founder of NACHI.

Some of you may be surprised to know that for about a year there have been quiet negotiations taken place behind the scenes to have a merger betweenASHI and NACHI.

Well……The merger finally happened.

Here is the link to this blockbusting announcement!](

Sincerely,[size=4]Frank Carrio CMI. [/size]
Certified Master Inspector & Consultant
Certified Commercial Building Inspector
Founder & President, New Hampshire State Chapter
The InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors {InterNACHI}

Chris McDonald, CMI
Vice President, New Hampshire State Chapter, NACHI
McDonald Home Inspection Services, LLC
Jaffrey, NH

Signed, Frank Carrio, CMI
Certified Master Inspector & Consultant
Certified Commercial Building Inspector
Founder & Current President, New Hampshire State Chapter NACHI
NACHI, State Representative for Legislative Affairs
Retired: ICC Certified Member
Retired: Code Compliance Inspector.
Retired: ASTM Committee Member](

Hey Frank There is a rumour circulating that you will be colouring in the new logo with your multi pak Crayola colouring set! But then again its April Fools Day and likely the rumour nothing but a stunt! :mrgreen:

I love a good APRIL FOOLS burn!

Too bad it is “April Fools”

It’s the most sensible thing I’ve read in a long time!!!

I couldn’t agree more. It might have been done in jest, but maybe we should delve deeper.

Some of us on some levels have been doing just that, but there is a looooooong way to go.

Bill Mullen

Hi Bill,

Merge Associations is not that difficult, you need a Lawyer to do it properly,
and set up the national standards for Canadian and American inspectors.
You and Nick have to pass the by law if their was one. do not breach the current members bylaw or fundamental system.
May need 75% of votes from current members or the board of directors.