InterNACHI of Canada

As I am sure most of you are aware, InterNACHI of Canada is now being formed. Details should be finalized by month’s end,with announcements being made shortly thereafter.

AS in any new venture, help is required to get this up and rolling in a positive way. As we are working out the final details we realize we need to form many of our own committees.

Right now we are looking to form the “Education Committee”. This committee should be formed by Members or either NACHI or InterNACHI. Volunteers are now being sought for this committee.

Our hopes are to have this committee formed by the end of March. Although this will be an appointed position for the first year, committee members will be elected by the Membership after the first year.

Canadian Members have asked for Canadian content in our education, well now it is time to step up and get involved.

For those who are interested you may either post here on the message board or contact me by email at: phone: 1-866-697-0113 or fax at: 1-905-697-8452

Look forward to hearing from all.

Thank You,

Bob Brown

Hi Bob,

I am sure that you already know how eager I am to involved with InterNACHI. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it is the passion of creating greatness in our industry that drives us to make every service available to NACHI home inspectors just that. Great. We are looking forward to playing a key role in InterNACHI. =D>

Looking forward to seeing you.

Dale Noble :nachi:
Durham Kawartha (DuKa) Chapter

Hi Bob,
Count me in!:smiley:

Hi Bob!

Count me in too ( just don’t tell my wife!)
It is time that Canadian Inspectors had a unified voice coast to coast and I am happy that it will be N.A.C.H.I. CANADA and proud to be a part of the process. The torch is being passed to us.

Im there, I will do whatever it takes to bring NACHI throughout this nation.

Hello Bob,

Ready and willing to help out anywhere you need it!!
Willing to do whatever it takes to make Internachi a huge success
Count me in for the Education Committee if you still need help there too!!

You already have my answer, Bob. I would be pleased and honored to help any way I can.

Thanks you guys.

I will be in touch over the next few weeks once certain details are worked out.

In the meantime you are more than welcome to ask questions here unless you prefer to email me directly.


Let me know what I can do to help and get an InterNACHI banner built by the time we all meet on March 18th.

And I’ll load your truck up with NACHI contraband, whenever you cross the border our way -

How did your axles fare, Bob & Helen?

Had a blast with you guys!

Took a lil’ longer getting home with everything in tact. Wheels stayed on, but took a heck of a beating.

The wheels of the trailer no longer go round and round!

Time to bring out the larger trailer and retire (pun) this one.

Russell it was (to say the least) a pleasure to meet you. We will have a much better “BLAST” when you slide on upe here for the SummerFest!

Will I need a passport by that time? last time I drove thru, just needed ID

you know

Nope, my understanding is that all you need is a couple of pieces of I.D., one being a picture I.D.

Before you ask (LOL) NO the NACHI I.D. will not be accepted as proof of who you are.

you know…what?

I will help

Right on Kevin…Thanks!

I’ll be talking with you in the next few days.

Might even stop on down there if I am still alllowed LOL

Well… you had better call first…

LOL the last time we called you were a lil’ concerned by the person’s voice asking for “Mr. Williams”

But hey if that is what you want …far be it from me not to comply.

Passport never hurts. Especially these days.

Russ does look kind of Arabic, though.

With Mounties, you never know.