NACHI Bashing, should it be an accecptable practice?

NACHI has a few bashers, namely, Brian MacNeish and Raymond Wand. Should these individuals be allowed to come into our home and bash NACHI and the membership?

a simple yes or no poll but your comments are welcome.

Not obsessed??? Methinks “YES”

I vote to kick Mario out of Nachi and remove his ignorant posts!

No one has been able to degrade the image of Nachi more than Mario.

No Mario they should not be bashing NACHI on this board, I think disagreeing with NACHI or Nick or anyone else is fine, keep it civilized and respectful.

Does that answer your question Mario???

Yes Linas! Both are very very predictable aren’t they!!

And you’re not??

Brian, Here are the facts; You logged off our MB at 2:00am your time and you are logged in this morning…again!! Did you have a good night sleep? Me thinks NO!!:shock: Too funny!! The above statement applies to your sidekick.
Seriously, who is “obsessed” you or me?LOL


Disgraced ex-members who have been booted out of the association for lack of ethical standards such as you, Ray Wand, have no “vote”.

It will not be long until this post, as have all that you have ever made on this board in the past five or six years, will be deleted and forgotten…much like you.

I voted “yes” because of the clause “…such as…”.

NACHI is bashed all over the internet. Let those with grievances air them here, where they can be addressed and discerning minds can read both sides of the story instead of the distorted and errant views depicted on O’Handjob’s blog or

Besides, sometimes we members have a beef to air which some may consider “bashing” and this would limit our rights to express opposing views…such as my own disagreements with the direction that Nick has been moving NACHI, lately.

I do not mind it except they could come up with some valid arguments.

That would help.

I guess that is why they are ignored at inspectionnews and TIJ, even among the bashers.

Perhaps we should follow the example of the more polished NACHI bashers on those message boards and simply refuse to acknowledge their posts in any way.

I got to admit that when you bash NACHI it seems valid.

We are not perfect as no one association is, but we could be better.

You can’t strike a match on a bar of soap. Some times it takes a bit of resistance and roughness to make the spark that starts the fire…

Wand and MacNeish are here for the pleasure of finding fault, but they only point out the faults that rest with all associations — including state licensing boards. They are little more than two women scorned who try to get their ex-boyfriends to pay attention to them.

But there are real issues and valid grievances that should never be squelched, IMO.

Hopefully, long after my membership has expired, there will be others to point out to Nick where he should be steering us…and where he shouldn’t. We can be more than just a vending machine…and should be.


This is another instance where you and I see eye-to-eye 100%. I agree whole heartedly. If NACHI, as an organization, would start to invest in branding and organizational promotion to someone other than HI’s, then ASHI would have no purpose on this earth.

NACHI is great for helping me be a great inspector. It’s not so good in letting the world know that NACHI inspectors are great.


You’re not going to renew in December???

Mario and Jim, dynamic duo.

Both like to dictate orders, and think everyone should think like them. Narrow minded, self centred, egotistical twitts. We are all to familiar with their need to show they can do as they please without any consequences.

I vote to kick James out of Nachi along with Mario.

Hey Brian

Got your message, sorry I missed you. I had a good chuckle listening to you laugh as you left your message. I have to agree with you about Jim and Mario the dynamic duo!


Believe me Nachi will be a better organization without YOU! Nice to see a radical change in your oft repeated Mantras. Good luck. Is it true you have joined ASHI as a protest?

Just thought about it again and had a good belly laugh!!

BTW, Since James has had a change of heart about the NACHI sales machine and its direction, I think he’s a man who’s seen the light and appreciate him for that!!