NACHI booth at Keller Williams REALTY event in Pensacola, Florida on April 24, 2007.

300-400 REALTORs are expected to attend. Booth manned by NACHI member Allen Catterton of

Hi Nick,
what is the actual “event”?

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*I am co-sponsering a motivational speaker that will be speaking at the Keller Williams Realty loction in Pensacola on April 24, 2007. I will have a table set up with brochures and such and all of the realtors that belong to the Pensacola Association of Realtors are invited to attend. It is expected that 300-400 realtors will attend. *

I know it is short notice but I just saw the byline at the NACHI website.

*Thanks *

*Allen L. Catterton *
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Cool Beans!

Headin’ to Pensacola?

I wish I could, I am still “fighting the fight” in New Hampshire. I have stayed off the NACHI bulletin board for several weeks now. There are a lot of things going on with ASHI and I do not want to give them any “inside information”.

I would be more than happy to send you a e-mail to bring you up to date, however it would be “extensive”.

Here is a copy of an ASHI survey that they are sending to all of our NACHI members.

Hello Frank,
My husband and I have recently purchased a house in Seabrook, NH and will
be moving there end of this month. We would like to schedule a home
inspection and would like to get some information from you. I was
researching on the internet and talked to couple of friends at work and
got your name.
Can you please take some time to answer the following questions for me?

  1. Does the state of NH require home inspector licensing? If so, do you
    have a valid license?
  2. Do you/your firm adhere to ASHI ethics? Can you provide a copy of
    this and the Standards of Practice you follow?
  3. Are you associated with any national association? Can you provide
    proof of membership?
  4. Do you carry Errors & Omissions Insurance and Liability insurance?
    Can you provide a copy of both?
  5. Have you had formal training in home inspections and do you take
    classes for continuing education?
  6. How many inspections per year do you typically do?
  7. How many years have you been doing home inspections and what is the
    total number of inspections you have done so far?
  8. How long does your inspection typically take?
  9. Do you work on Saturdays? Would you have availability on April 21st?
  10. Should I or my husband be present at the inspection?
  11. What is the process of receiving the report?
  12. What type of report do you give and how detailed is it? Can you
    provide a sample report of a home inspection you have recently done?
  13. What other general information about the house do you provide?
  14. Do you have licenses in other services that we may need?
  15. Do you provide any other warranties and do you provide estimates of
    any issues found?
  16. Once the report is provided, what is your availability for follow-up
  17. Can you provide a couple of references?
  18. How much do you charge for an inspection?
  19. Do you also do follow-up inspections before the warranty expires? If
    so, how much is that?
    I look forward to getting a reply you. Please provide your telephone
    numbers and the best times to reach you.
    Deepthi Tatineni

I’m just about 30 minutes away, here in Daphne, Alabama. I just might show up.

Jerome Cartier
Cartier Fine Home Inspections, LLC

Nick, I don’t know how Keller - Williams operates in FL, but I went to one of their offices to distribute literature, and was told that I have to pay to place my literature in their office. To be a “prefferred Vendor” is:

Level One Single business card slot $225
Level Two Level 1 + Trifold Brochure slot $325
Level Three Level 1 + 8.5 x 11 Flyer slot $325
Level Four Level 2 or 3 = homepage link $400
Option A 5 minute Live Presentation @ weekly Sales Meeting
Levels 2,3and 4 include Tuesday Morning Meeting live presentation

Nice rackett they’ve got going.