NACHI booth at RE/MAX Annual Symposium in Ajax, Ontario on December 18, 2006.

Please visit the NACHI booth at the upcoming RE/MAX Annual Symposium in Ajax, Ontario. Over 400 REALTORs are expected to attend this event. The NACHI booth will be manned by NACHI member Arshad Khan of

Thanks Arshad!


Do you know the dates?

How about Dec 18th .
I wonder do they want the table cloth . Call if needed Roy 613-475-1144

Just to remind all Canadians if you are having a show or presentation .
I am the Canadian keeper of the NACHI Table cloth and if you need it to help set up a display Send me email with your complete address and when you need it .
I will send it to you and just ask that you get it back when finished so I can send it out to others to use . Example below .

I feel stupid, Thanks Roy!!

Been there done that bought the T shirt came home . … Roy