NACHI Caravan

I’ve been communicating with Bob Brown and Nick Gromicko on the topic and it looks pretty much like we will have the “NACHI Training Caravan” back on the road by November or December.

You may recall that last year, Bob Brown and Helen Jefferies (and a pull behind trailer filled with hands-on training exhibits) took to the road from Canada and put on 1 and 2 day (8 and 16 hour) seminars on a variety of topics: windows & doors, foundations, household electrical, marketing, and more.

I will have them booked for a 2-day seminar in Missouri in early December for their first booking. We would like to see them booked in other cities on their way to us (or past us) and on their way back.

Anybody game?

This training - at our chapter - is presented FREE to all NACHI members and $100 per day for non-members.

The quality of the training was rated excellent by all who attended and we are thrilled at the prospect of their return.