NACHI Convention has lots of big names coming.

1st Inspection Services, 3-D Inspection Systems, 24-7 Scheduler, American Property Inspectors of Northwest Florida, American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST), AccuStar Labs, Advantage Merchant Services, Aerotech P&K, AI Risk Specialists Insurance, Allen Insurance, NACHI Alternate Dispute Resolution Service, Americas Recovery Network, American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT), Craig Auberger, Rick Bacharach, Rick Bates, Gerry Beaumont, Dan Bowers, John Bowman, Robert Brown, Russell Buchannan, Brinks Home Security, BRP Business Risk Partners, Center of the Sun, Certified Adult Training Services, Certified NACHI Store, Jeff Coffey, Jeffrey Cohen, Mark Cohen, Tedd Cuttitta, Community Partnering Program for Disaster Preparedness, Roberta Dulay, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Home Energy Tune-Up, Digital Leveling Systems, Disaster Restoration, Dr. Jason Dobranic, Bob Dwyer, Environmental & Analytical Management (EAM), eInspections, EMSL Analytical, Environmental Education Foundation, EHS Lead Lab, ETR Labs, Family Safety Products, Femto-TECH, Joe Ferry,, F.I.R.E. Service, Flir Systems, Carl Fowler, FREA, Jim Gallant, Andreas “Andy” C. George, Grail Media, David Grammer, Grassfrog Technologies, Kenny Hart, HB Home & Environmental Inspection Service, Hi-Tor Chimney Sweeps, Douglas Hoffman, Russ Barry Hollingsworth, Holmes Inspection Company, Home Inspector Essentials, HomeGauge, HomeTechOnline, Jeffery Hooper, House Facks, HouseMaster, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, IFREC Real Estate Schools, Inspection Depot, Inspection Training Associates (ITA),,, Inspector’s Quarterly,, Inspector Sites, InspectWare, InspectionWise, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, International Society of Home Inspectors, Integrated Business Solutions, Steve Jawitz, Gary Johnson, Jay Keany, Kerry Kelly, Russel Kirk, Brian Kraff, Kathleen Kuhn, Tom Lauhon, John Layzell, David Leshner, Steve Luxton, Market Hardware, MBNA, Merrell Institute, MGB Publications, Dr. Bill C. Merrell, Midwest Inspectors Institute, MoistureFree Warranty, Mold Detection Services,, Chris Morrell, Steve Morton, MSI Best Inspectors, NACHICredit, NACHIStore, NACHITools, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), National Home Check, National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, Dr. Lionel J. Nowotny, Olshan Foundation Repair, Palm-Tech Inspection Software, Patriotic Home Inspection, Robert Pearson, Pest Management Consulting & Training Institute, Porter Valley Software, Professional Inspection Training Institute, Rad Elec, Radalink Radon TeleMonitor, Partnership for Response & Recovery, PRO-LAB, Quantem Laboratories, ReportHost, ReportMakerPro, Radata, Radon Testing Corporation of America (RTCA), RE/MAX, Michael Rowan, Safe Home Systems, Safe House Campaign, Scheduleze, SkyeTec Environmental Solutions, Small Business Administration (SBA), SOS Mold, Spectorscope, Barry Stangel, Lorne Steiner, Sun Nuclear, Keith Swift, Synergis Business Solutions, Target Insurance Services, The Reinforcer, The Same Company, The NACHI Foundation, This-Home, Bob Thompson, ToolQwest, Unibind, Scott Van Etten, Chris Uhland, Stacey Van Houtan, Whisper, Bill Wright, and Zefon.

Last year I asked everyone that would listen to have the instructors submit outlines of the course they taught at the convention so we would have something formal to refresh our memories about what we learned during the year. I have used my class notes a lot this year, but something formal from the instructors would be great.

Hey Earl,

I don’t know what other intructors are planning but I am planning to give full class hand outs to those that attend my classes.




I would (and do) request that you put it on a CD or better yet post it on the BB

It is cheaper than paper and in my case will last longer after I get back to the office. Paper is getting to be a real pain in the tail.

You all ready have it in a computer to start with.


looks like it will be a really great time!