i am new home inspector , i need helping

i just got the new contract , to inspector the small building which has 5 one bed room, what is my attention??


Assuming this is a rental or boarding house - fire safety is a BIGGIE!


You mentioned that you were a new inspector so I would ask a seasoned inspector to do the inspection while you observe and learn.

thanks for you answer, but how can i attention it?

I don’t think you are using the correct words. None of us know what “how can i attention it” means. The word “attention” is not the correct verb in this sentence, and it doesn’t make sense in English. I’m sorry. Perhaps you can ask the question a different way, using some other words, so we can better understand what you are asking.

How many inspections have you done?
What form of training have you done in the past

thanks , my question is in this case what i should take care most or Which inspection i should focus on?

That is much clearer.

Read this document. http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm

That’s what you need to be doing, and focusing on.

The fact that you are asking this question says that you are a very new inspector. I highly suggest you also enlist a more experienced inspector to help you do the inspection.

where are you located that way you can find a person to help you with this inspection and you can learn from it as well, would be worth your time to find a mentor to help you along

No disrespect, but I would suggest that you take some writing classes first. You need to be able to communicate your findings in writing with your client.


this is my Chinese friend , we all speaking Chinese, I have already finished my training, and I am also the Master of urban planning.

thanks everyone

thanks everyone, I will take course of English writing , thanks again

you are all nice

Hey Jiang!

      If you are in the Toronto/durham area; I might be able to give you some mentoring. Have you had any training at all? Have you ever done a home inspection? English is important, but if you are only inspecting for people of your own nationality; it won't matter as much. Where are you from,Jiang?

I AM CHINESE, I did home inspection training in montreal canada

Did you do the training at Vanier?

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Oh is that right? Strange you would say there is a rule against registering under a false name. Where can that rule be found? Also there are many others who are not using their actual names, so your rule is moot. Thanks I appreciate factual info.

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