NACHI E & O Insurance Program Now Available Nationwide

I am pleased to announce that the NACHI E & O Insurance Program is now available in all 50 US States.

Now, I’m working on Canada.

Way to go, Joe!
I’ll be happy to pass this info along.

Rememeber that you can save some $ by having NACHI’s ADRS system as your “front door” and then raise your deductible. Worked for me!

Joe, I still get this when I try. Any suggestions?


Sorry, the insurance offer is not yet available in your state (WI). Please check back in 15-20 days.


I get the same as Michael.


I feel much better now. I feared I was the only one. I would ask those from other states to check the link Joe gave and report results here. Thanks.

I also want to say how much I appreciate all the hard work done on behalf of NACHI members in providing this insurance.:slight_smile:

I have forwarded this thread to Chris Morrell. I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

Meantime, if you want a quote email me at

A quick question. On the main page of my polocy stamped in RED is the following.
" This insurance has been placed with an insurer that is not licensed by the state of Michigan. In case of insolvency, payment of claims may not be quaranteed"
What does this mean. Are they talking about me not being licenced, because there is no licensing in Michigan yet.

What step did you receive that error on?

Hi Chris. Something has changed as it working correctly now. Thanks

I think any problems you might have been having are fixed.

The exclusive discount for NACHI members has increased too now that we’ve gone national.

Way to go, Chris!