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I just posted this on one of the other internal “Member’s Only” boards but wanted to make sure all non-NACHI members had an opportunity to see it also. So what has been keeping you from joining NACHI and enjoying all of the benefits? I was reluctant to join any group wondering how I could participate and make a difference and how I could benefit from the membership. Quite frankly so far it is just about the best money I have spent while in the HI industry! So give yourself a Christmas gift and join up today!

No, I don't work for NACHI and I don't get paid a referral bonus! Of course if you bombard NACHI with applications and reference this post maybe they'll send me a free NACHI pen or something (Hah Hah) ![icon_lol.gif](upload://zEgbBCXRskkCTwEux7Bi20ZySza.gif)

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Hello all,

Hopefully this will help some out there with their E&O insurance search. I know all of us Texas Boys, and Gals, can benefit.

I have been searching for E&O for awhile wanting to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. The searching took me to a lot of places and a lot of research. Here in Texas, like many if not most other states, the insurance industry is heavily regulated. There are many issues regarding validity of policies, payouts if a foreign (out of state) agent or company writes the policy, etc. etc. As a result I have found what is reported to be a very reputable agent here in Texas that can write HI insurance not only here but in other states as well. The reference came from a very reliable source here that if I can not trust them then you just can't trust anyone.

Anyhow, I will provide you the steps to find out if the individual can write policies for your state. These steps will show if they are licensed in your state. If not I hope you have luck and this post helps in other ways. Just as anything else make sure you check your agents and carriers credentials with your state.

The contact information for the agent is:

John Kinzie
Account Executive
Daniels-Head Insurance
Phone: 800-950-0551
Fax: 888-839-6107
Email: jek22@dhiatx.com

Daniels-Head Insurance offices are located around the country and their main site is www.danielshead.com . I will be applying for a quote here shortly but so far am very impressed with their professionalism and honesty. Daniels-Head writes individual or company policies and from what I am told at a very good rate. Although with any other insurance of this type the rate can vary with locations, expected revenues, etc. etc.
Talking to the agent I was told how to fill out the application properly to ensure I did not get more insurance coverage than I needed based on realistic expectations of my business.

1. If you wish to see if Mr. Kinzie can write in your area, or if you need to
find your local state Department of Insurance then go to the WEB site
of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners at
www.naic.org . There is a link on the main page to provide a list of
URL's for the 50 states. The WEB site also provides some very
interesting reading!!
2. Go to your state Department of Insurance and run the name of the
company "Daniels-Head Insurance Inc." to see if they are licensed
in your state. Many states also provide query capability for individual
3. If Daniels-Head is licensed then Mr. Kinzie indicated that he should
be able to write a policy for you. If they are not listed you can always
call your regional Daniels-Head office and speak to them. From what
I have found though if a company is not properly listed with your states
Department of Insurance you want to look elsewhere.

Good luck and I hope even some of this information comes in handy.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Emmanuel Scanlan

Knowledge brings power but sharing knowledge brings peace!