NACHI Inventions and Innovations Awards Progam

Inventions and Innovations Program
Any New ideas out there that anyone would care to submit to members?

If anyone feels that anyone meets these parameters, submitt your Nominations now for the Awards Committee to review.

Inventions and Innovations Program

The NACHI Inventions and Innovations Awards Program was created to recognize individuals or companies who create new products, ideas, methods, or technologies, or apply existing knowledge in creative new ways to improve the Home Inspection Industry.

Simple requirement - Provides products, ideas, methods, or technologies that are proven to be beneficial to the Home Inspection Professional or Industry.

The NACHI Inventions and Innovations Awards are open to individuals and Company’s affiliated with, or doing substantial business within the Home Inspection Industry.

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NACHO - making stuff up and hoping nobody notices!

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Well, since you are not a Member of NACHI and that is not spelled with an O thankyou, I guess you will never know if this stuff as you call it, is real or made up now will you?

I guess you only have one way to find out.


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